Call for action on neglected pockets of the city

Rubbish strewn all over High Street St Gregory's

On a day when the Canterbury Journal turns its attention to the scourge of graffiti on city streets and the efforts to clean it up, the issue of litter and general detritus persists.

For a number of days now, bags in High Street St Gregory’s off Northgate have been spilling their contents over the road and pavement.

It is the usual unsightly blend of unwanted food and its packaging and other rubbish.

Then there are problems with what appears to be largely food and drink wrapping in another part of the city.

Earlier in the year, St Martin’s Terrace earned itself a reputation as one of the most untidy streets in Canterbury.

Behind the houses in St Martin’s Terrace

This was largely due to the bin storage at one end of the street which had been overflowing to the point that huge piles of rubbish had accumulated next to it.

Now, however, the mess has migrated to behind the former prison officers’ homes which are rented out by private landlords to students, mostly  studying in the neighbouring Canterbury Christ Church University.

Anti-litter campaigner Sian Pettman said: “You do get these neglected pockets of the city where a lot of mess appears.

“Something definitely needs to be done about them.

“I’ve just come back from Greece and there’s a real rubbish problem out there with decomposing food and things from the toilet all piled up.

“Unfortunately, seeing things like this in Canterbury only reminds me of that.”

Canterbury City Council is currently running its Love Where We Live campaign which encourages people to look after their neighbourhoods.

You can report build-ups of rubbish or fly-tipping on the council’s dedicated webpage.



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