Cash scheme to deliver super-fast broadband to every Kent property

KCC is piloting a voucher scheme to spread super-fast broadband

Remote parts of Kent unable to access super-fast broadband will be able to benefit from a voucher scheme aimed at delivering it.

Eligible homes and businesses which still need super-fast internet can apply for a voucher worth up to £1,700.

These can then be redeemed against a list of registered suppliers.

Small communities will be able to pool their vouchers into group schemes to guarantee delivery.

Kent County Council has acquired £454 million from the Government’s broadband agency Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK).

Whitstable councillor Mark Dance

Broadband delivery in Kent is being overseen by KCC’s member for economic development, county councillor for Whitstable Mark Dance.

He has formally approved the launch of the voucher scheme.

The county council says that 95% of Kent properties have access to super-fast broadband.

But that leaves around 31,800 properties in the county without access to super-fast broadband.

Of these an estimated 1,550 have broadband speeds which are below 2mbps.

A report from Barbara Cooper, Kent County Council’s corporate director of growth, environment and transport, to Mr Dance said: “Eligible homes and businesses will need to apply for the voucher which can be redeemed against a list of registered suppliers.

“There will also be an opportunity for applicants to aggregate their vouchers into group schemes.

“The value of the maximum voucher award of £1,700 has been based upon the maximum subsidy per property that is allowed under the current contract.

“We have been contacted by several residents and businesses who are outside the scope of current BDUK contract and who are trying to develop and fund raise for their own community solutions.

“It is anticipated that the Kent Voucher Scheme will be able to make a substantial contribution towards the costs of these solutions and encourage similar initiatives to come forward.”


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