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Try an attitude of gratitude

Psychologist Katie Hilton reveals a clever technique to make you feel better
The HS1 train

High speed views: HS2

Will HS2 bring the same benefits as HS1

High Speed Views – Brevity

Mark Twain once signed off a letter with the phrase “I apologise for writing a long letter, I didn’t have time to write a short one”.

Seven tips to help you survive working from home during lockdown

Tips from a Canterbury-based professional business psychologist
ice skates

Canterbury to get its Christmas ice rink

After a number of false starts, it's finally coming

High Speed Views: Paper Cut

Cllr Ricketts manages to survive a particularly nasty paper cut


Business psychologist Katie Hilton on how to deal with feeling overwhelmed.
Microphone and headphones

In praise of the podcast

What is a podcast and why does it matter?

Love in a doorway

Looking into a High Street doorway this week, I saw two people still asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.

High Speed Views: Dark

Popular columnist Alex Ricketts moans about the dark

High Speed Views: Advice

Alex Ricketts talks money with people annoyingly younger than him.

High Speed Views: Mondays

It's hard to go back to work this week
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