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Firefighters at the Goods Shed. Picture: Joseph Rice

UPDATED: Firefighters tackling city blaze

Firefighters are at the scene of a blaze in Canterbury.

They were called to the Goods Shed in Station Road West this evening.

Smoke is billowing from the building, which houses numerous independent businesses.

Early reports suggest that no one is hurt and firefighters are containing the blaze. Latest reports suggest the smoke has been stopped.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service says the blaze started at just after 8pm.

A spokesman said: “Two fire engines are as the scene and firefighters have extinguished the fire, which is believed to have started in an electrical room of the one storey building.

“Crews are wearing breathing apparatus and are cutting away and damping down.”

Firefighters stood down at 9.10pm.


2 responses to “UPDATED: Firefighters tackling city blaze”

  1. Avatar Pauline Ryan says:

    Justlooked out of our top window Seems to be the end part of the building nearer to the station Fire Engines in attendance Smoke billowing out. Hope no one hurtand fire can be contained quickly.

  2. Avatar Pauline Ryan says:

    Smoke seems to have stopped so hopefully fire under control. Fire engines still there

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