Is your street poised to see new parking restrictions?

Looking down Nunnery Fields in Canterbury

Canterbury City Council has announced its latest raft of planned new parking restrictions across the district.

The proposals are currently undergoing a consultation and were drawn up following surveys of residents.

One of the most significant proposed changes comes in the Nunnery Fields area.

Nunnery Road, Norman Road, part of Nunnery Fields itself and Martindale Close will be transferred from the St Mildred’s zone to the St George’s zone.

If implemented, it will mean that non-permit holders can park for up to two hours for £1.50 per hour with restrictions applying on all days at all times.

Cars parked in the Longmarket

This means that non-permit holders will no longer be able to park for four a day for free.

The council added: “We would also need to change the single yellow lines in these roads to double yellow lines to ensure drivers don’t park on the single yellow lines when they don’t apply to avoid the restrictions in the parking bays.”

The authority also wants to formally prohibit parking in the Longmarket where persistent parking has angered shoppers and business owners in the pedestrianised area.

At the retail and industrial area off Sturry Road, there is a proposal to make Marshwood Close entirely covered by double yellow lines.

The council said the changes are needed because “some parts of Marshwood Close are being used for parking large vehicles and this can hinder access for the lorries that need to access the businesses in the area”.

At Whitehall Bridge Road there is a proposal to change single yellow lines to doubles due to the fact that cars parked on single yellows obstruct vehicles trying to get to Whitehall Road and Whitehall Close.

All parking including on the pavement and verges outside the Kent College junior and infant school in Harbledown is set to be banned to allow for improved traffic flow.

A decision on the proposals will be made at a meeting of the Joint Transportation Board in September. Click here to take part in the council’s consultation.


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