New poll shows Canterbury now backs Remain

Students have invited Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and Femi Oluwole, chief spokesman of Our Future, to address them.

A survey conducted by Survation has revealed that support for Brexit has fallen to 45% in the Canterbury council district.

In the 2016 referendum the district narrowly backed Brexit by 51%, although the constituency which doesn’t include Herne Bay voted 52% to remain.

Respondents to the survey were asked questions including how they would vote if there was a referendum tomorrow and what should happen if no deal is reached.

In contrast to many polling companies, Survation accurately predicted the outcome of the referendum. Well-known pollsters YouGov and Ipsos MORI backed a victory for Remain, but Survation correctly forecast a slender triumph for Leave.

Canterbury and the south east of Kent are particularly exposed to the Brexit fallout due to our proximity to the continent and in particular the port of Dover through which around £120bn of goods pass each year – 17% of the UK’s entire trade by value.

In October Remain campaigners marched on Westminster demanding a ‘People’s Vote’ – a second referendum asking the public whether to accept the Chequers deal, remain in the EU or crash out with no deal. Organisers claim crowds numbered 700,000, but this figure has been disputed by the Leave camp.

Former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate and Remain campaigner James Flanagan said: “as the date of our exit from the EU draws closer voters are realising they’ve been sold a dud.

“Promises of a lucrative deal being worked out in a single afternoon have been shown to be nothing more than fanciful. The harsh reality of the predicament we are in is becoming all too clear.

“We need to go back to the polls and ask the British people whether this is really what they want.”

Britain is set to leave the EU on 29 March next year.


  1. Don’t know where they surveyed! but in building sites and cafes the real working class back leave maybe the pollsters were up to late to ask us? or like whinging remainers,fascists,and flat earthers
    who say we didn’t know what we voted for yes we did.They can’t see beyond their middle class noses
    and guardian quotes

  2. But the leave campaign was based upon lies and false promises which now aren’t being met by the deal and furthermore Brexit now has links to cambridge analytica.

    If you really think Brexit is still good please tell me how?


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