It’s Poundland, dude, but not quite as we know it…

Canterbury city centre store adds intriguing new dimension for bargain-hunting shoppers as it goes it head to head with Primark.

Have you seen this man?

Kent Police have released a photo of a gentleman they are hoping may help with their enquiries.

Forget tuition fees – it’s our unis’ manic obsession with growth...

Canterbury's universities have become too big too fast - and it's a concern.

Housing should be Canterbury City Council’s priority – not shopping

The Wilson Perspective: Decision to spend £75 million on a shopping centre stems from a flawed mindset, argues campaigner Dave Wilson.

Intellectuals baffled as employer docks pay for staff who refuse to...

If you refuse to work, then doesn't it stand to reason that you won't get paid, asks Alex Lister.

Labour MP Rosie Duffield’s chief of staff close to standing for...

Charlotte Cornell is one step nearer to contesting the Deal and Dover constituency at the next general election.

Howe Barracks’ vendors sold public short by up to £4.2 billion

The National Audit Office has put a figure on the value of 55,000 MoD homes had they remained in public ownership.

Club Chemistry to take over Steinbeck & Shaw

The owners of the self-styled ‘super-club’ Chemistry are to take over late-night venue Steinbeck and Shaw in a move that will see their operation dominate the after-hours scene in Canterbury.

What? The KFC in Canterbury is still shut? Nooooo!

Just how much does it affect us when we find our favourite eatery out of action?

The strange, feverish mind of the penny-pinching king

When it comes to social drinking, some people are just far too tight. Pub Spy investigates.

Female staff at the University of Kent earn 17.5% less than...

University of Kent figures reveal on average female employees earn £15.88 per hour, £3.37 less than the men.

Refilling water bottles will cut down on waste, say councillors

A motion going to council is the latest effort to tackle the city's problem waste.

What’s the verdict on Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s first five...

Despite his popularity and reforming zeal, it hasn't always been plain sailing for Archbishop Welby.

Education is more critical than enforcement in the war on litter

We need to teach people to love the place they live, says academic and cleaner Canterbury campaigner Prof Rick Norman

Universities minister to speak at Christ Church

Sam Gyimah MP will be touring the campus, speaking to students and hosting an audience in the lecture hall.

Fine wine, delicious cheese, comfort – what’s not to like about...

Mouton Rouge in St Dunstan's Street is a delight, says our reviewer. It's time to enjoy this fine independent little shop-cum-wine bar.

Canterbury Food Bank shares in £165k windfall for local organisations

Groups across the voluntary and charitable sector are to receive a cash boost from Canterbury City Council.

Is this a new era for Canterbury as a tourist destination?

Despite being steeped in history and famous as the centre of the worldwide Anglican church, Canterbury can fail to live up to expectations when it visitors arrive for a city break.

Is Kent still the Garden of England or fast turning into...

Parcels of countryside around Canterbury are set to vanish forever as gigantic housing estates spring up over the coming years.

Council bang on the money with Whitefriars purchase

Canterbury City Council's decision to buy the remaining 50% of the Whitefriars shopping precinct makes perfect business sense.