More than 1,100 new units enter the district’s housing supply in a year

19 Dec 08:02 3 comments

Green activists threaten to inflict gridlock misery on city streets

18 Dec 09:45 5 comments

Cash available for grass roots sport

14 Dec 08:10

The county council is a remote behemoth which acts as it pleases

10 Dec 06:47 1 comment

City’s new forum for debate is failing to discuss prickly issues

28 Nov 12:50 7 comments

Buskers should consider their surroundings when performing, says council

14 Nov 07:59 2 comments

Council HQ could be demolished to make way for more housing

09 Nov 11:09 2 comments

Extra city centre market days planned for Christmas build-up

08 Nov 07:54

Council should examine its conscience in using firms like Google and Apple

07 Nov 07:46

How can the city council not be making any preparations for Brexit?

05 Nov 05:21 4 comments
Artists impression of Station Road West car park

Weeks of roads misery ahead of Christmas as multi-storey work gets underway

01 Nov 07:30 6 comments

Famous city building to be turned into haunted house

16 Oct 05:09