Fancy becoming a friend of Dane John Gardens?

14 Sep 02:05

District’s CCTV cameras helped police make 274 arrests in a year

13 Sep 12:45 2 comments

Concern mounting over suspected activities at property

13 Sep 07:18

Holiday park residents can still vote in elections, says council

08 Sep 12:03

More cash to help to city’s rough sleepers into homes

07 Sep 07:35

Will we really start caring more about the work of the council?

01 Sep 12:05

It’s your call: Changing the way Canterbury does democracy

31 Aug 02:26

Council toying with radical plans to cut Dane John crime and noise

31 Aug 08:21

Could a car-less Canterbury become a reality by 2050?

30 Aug 12:51 6 comments

Major housing shake up means tenants could claim back rent from landlords

27 Aug 09:26

Friends of Kingsmead Field accept “limited development” at site

22 Aug 12:47

APPROVED: Controversial housing scheme for community field

22 Aug 09:03