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Drivers facing another increase in Canterbury parking charges

The city council says increased charges will help fund street scene projects and car park improvements.

It’s not a multi-storey we need, it’s better access to the...

Commuter Peter Styles argues that extra car parking spaces contradicts Canterbury City Council's aim to cut car use.

Is Canterbury City Council the right name for our local authority?

The Wilson Perspective: A name which ignores so much of its district is a problem, argues Dave Wilson.

Air quality activists kickstart “every breath we take” campaign

Campaign group Clean Air Canterbury wants the city and its residents to think seriously about reducing pollution.

Purpose built student blocks are a problem – not a solution

Steve Williams asks whether more halls of residence are really the future for a city already grappling with complex housing issues.

Veteran head blasts “selfish” parents parking outside his Canterbury primary school

Forget teaching the schoolkids - it's their pavement parking parents who need a lesson, fumes head.

City council buys £1.1 million eyesore as part of “overdue” improvement...

The authority says the project will help lift the area and is prepared to play its part in the regeneration programme alongside private sector interests.

JAILED: Thug who threatened to “wrap” computer screen round the heads...

Homeless Patrick Weller went berserk in the offices of Canterbury City Council, leaving staff "shaken and distressed".

Canterbury could see ice rink next Christmas – despite slip up...

The city council is hopeful that despite the failure of the rink to materialise in December, one could be set up for next Christmas.

Parking divides the city – as residents butt heads over yellow...

How proposals for yellow lines in a residential street have set neighbours in opposition to each other.

Don’t feed the flying rats, urges senior Canterbury councillor

A proliferation of pigeon and seagull droppings is prompting the city council to consider taking action.

City hands £2K cash boost to Pride Canterbury

Festival organisers receive vital grant for equipment as this year's festival date draws closer.
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