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New medical school is “fantastic news”

Canterbury City Council has welcomed the announcement that Kent and Christ Church universities have secured funding for the project.

We are getting our medical school!

After months of uncertainty about health provision in Kent, funding will be given to Kent and Christ Church universities to collaborate on a venture which could pave the way for a brand new hospital.

Thank you for backing our Jack – now let’s look at...

A single telling sentence reveals all about the mindset of the east Kent hospitals trust embroiled in "D***HEAD" farrago.

Canterbury rallies around K&C hospital nurse sacked for speaking up

Jacky Moskovits has received widespread support after calling departed hospitals boss a "D***HEAD".

It’s freezing and the roads are icy: How is it Canterbury...

A traffic accident tells us it's time health bosses ditched the relentless tinkering and focused on providing us with the hospital we need.
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