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Council election: Conservatives and Lib Dems butt heads over housing

An early starting shot has been fired ahead of the forthcoming Canterbury City Council elections.

Holiday park residents can still vote in elections, says council

The authority is currently conducting its annual campaign to get as many people as possible to register to vote.

You need two qualities above others to be a city councillor...

Care about the district? Then why not run for council, says Alex Claridge.

Make a lot of noise on social media? Then why not...

Canterbury City Council's chief executive is urging people with something to say to consider standing at next year's election.

Voter registration underway ahead of next year’s election

The council is urging residents to carefully fill out their forms.

Conservatives: Campaign to win in Canterbury begins today

Party leader unveils three-pronged election manifesto and will "not allow Labour to hijack" events such as Pride.

Boundary changes for Canterbury and Faversham are about people – not...

Voters numbers rather than politicians' ambitions dictate the size and shape of parliamentary constituencies, argues Neil Baker.
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