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“Dingy and threatening” underpass to get facelift

City councillor and council candidate pleased with the forthcoming work.

Artist’s idea to reduce the scourge of graffiti

Alex Vellis has started a petition to garner support for his proposal.

Why there is no money to tackle graffiti

Prof Jan Pahl fears vandalism is ruining the beautiful and historic city of Canterbury.

Anti-Banksy graffiti contains potent message

COMMENT: Why so many are in thrall to the guerrilla artist.

Canterbury Society reveals vision for grotty underpass

Chairman Jan Pahl spelled out the civic group's vision to councillors.

City’s underpasses: Have they had their day?

They stink, they're dirty and covered in graffiti, says Alex Claridge.

Council told: It doesn’t matter where graffiti appears, just get rid...

The Canterbury Society is demanding renewed action over vandalism.
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