Homelessness, food banks, social housing: there is much we can do

07 Jan 08:23

More than 1,100 new units enter the district’s housing supply in a year

19 Dec 08:02 3 comments

Council efforts see empty homes become occupied

06 Dec 08:27

Housing chiefs shut city drugs den

30 Nov 10:47

Don’t believe the promises of thousands of new homes. That’s not the problem…

04 Oct 08:26 2 comments

Council butts heads with government over developer cash for new bypass

03 Oct 06:31 2 comments

Landlords offering free rent in exchange for sex, say students

12 Sep 08:01

“No legal requirement” for sprinklers in student blocks

04 Sep 06:46

Major housing shake up means tenants could claim back rent from landlords

27 Aug 09:26

Friends of Kingsmead Field accept “limited development” at site

22 Aug 12:47

APPROVED: Controversial housing scheme for community field

22 Aug 09:03

Decision on key housing development postponed – yet again

17 Aug 07:17