So student flats are not such moneyspinners after all

17 Jul 06:41

Build new homes with electric car charging points, urges councillor

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VIDEO: Council to convert student flats into family homes in £23 million deal

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A “market knows best” dogma is failing those in need of a home

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UPDATED: How much?! Report reveals just how much district house prices have soared

09 Jul 05:49

Future of proposed largescale housing scheme remains unresolved

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Farmland poised to make way for 100s of new homes

23 Jun 07:16

Archbishop: House-building will make homelessness a thing of the past

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City council investing £1 million in high rise fire safety

07 Jun 04:32

Empty homes brought back into use

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VIDEO: Ever feel like you live in a building site?

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Don’t like city planners? Then vote them out…

31 May 06:13