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Decision on key housing development postponed – yet again

It is the second time a decision on the 400-unit development has been put back.

Planners poised to approve 400 new homes on edge of city

Business units and open space are also part of the proposals.

When architects do strange things

Architectural consultant Nick Blake casts a critical eye over one of Canterbury's newest housing estates.

Great. Three years after the fire, the Tannery is a building...

Hard-pressed residents face the upheaval of being forced from their homes.

Play your part in preventing homelessness

Canterbury City Council is consulting on its draft housing and homelessness plan.

Residents face nightmare of losing their homes during works

The work is being done three years after a huge fire destroyed a block.

Yes, maybe we do need 20,000 new homes, but…

Nick Eden-Green has worries about the plans for new homes across the district.

Forget 16,000 new homes – real figure could be thousands higher

A revision to the Local Plan is in the pipeline.

Buildings set to be converted into “much-needed” student flats

The application will be determined next week.

So student flats are not such moneyspinners after all

Cllr Nick Eden-Green warns the conversion of student accommodation to social housing exposes deficiencies in the planning process.

Build new homes with electric car charging points, urges councillor

The city council will discuss plans to deal with air quality this week.

VIDEO: Council to convert student flats into family homes in £23...

The authority is making a major move towards dealing with its housing issues.
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