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A “market knows best” dogma is failing those in need of...

The Wilson Perspective: Dave Wilson offers an in-depth analysis of the housing shortage facing Canterbury.

UPDATED: How much?! Report reveals just how much district house prices...

And report says council must allow the building of even more homes.

Future of proposed largescale housing scheme remains unresolved

Canterbury City Council's planning committee met last night.

Farmland poised to make way for 100s of new homes

Planners are likely to nod through a large proposed development this week.

Archbishop: House-building will make homelessness a thing of the past

Justin Welby has endorsed a report by homeless charity Crisis.

City council investing £1 million in high rise fire safety

It has adopted an "ultra-cautious" approach following the Grenfell Tower tragedy last year.

Empty homes brought back into use

A city council initiative is reaping rewards.

VIDEO: Ever feel like you live in a building site?

Canterbury is a city of perpetual activity, says Alex Claridge.

Don’t like city planners? Then vote them out…

Cllr Nick Eden-Green answers the question of what the city's planning committee is for.

It’s obvious why student flats are being built

COMMENT: But Cllr Ben Fitter-Harding believes applications will soon slow down

Student blocks are the result of a lack of planning vision

Nick Eden-Green fears the city will be forced to swallow more accommodation even though there is no appetite for it.

Housing issue shows you why it’s so hard running Canterbury

We need homes, but look what happens when you try to build them.
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