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Enforcers lay down the law to litterbugs

Five people have found themselves fined at Canterbury Magistrates Court for dropping rubbish.

Litter-pickers collect astonishing haul of rubbish

Volunteers braved freezing weather to collect rubbish off Canterbury's streets and open spaces.

Send students on waste disposal courses, urges cleaner city campaigner

Academic says that for Canterbury's sake, dealing with waste should be on students' curriculum.

Fines for littering on city streets poised to double

Councillors are being urged to send out a message that litter will not be tolerated.

A toaster, bottles of urine and road signs among the rubbish...

Fed up villagers want the lay-bys properly looked after or closed off to vehicles.

It’s noisy and messy – so why the safe city award,...

Nick Eden-Green calls for the authorities to do more to tackle anti-social behaviour and mess.

Stepping up the war on litter

City council enforcement officers have handed out nearly 600 tickets for littering, flyposting and graffiti in the last three months.
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