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The best drinking stories begin with “I got drunk and…”

Good drinking sessions out always end with a good tale, says the Journal's Pub Spy.

The great debate: What is Canterbury’s oldest pub?

Pub historian Rory Kehoe delves deep into the past to settle a perpetual debate.

WORLD CUP: So how many cut-price beers will the Maiden’s be...

The Wincheap pub's offer backfired during England's thrashing of Panama.

Drowning your sorrows, lads?

After their trouncing at the hands of Kent in the County Championship, a group Middlesex players took to a city centre pub.

Landlord’s England World Cup stunt backfires

But Jeremy Stirling insists: "I really don't care."

District pubs recognised as the best in the country at Sheps’...

A total of eight Kent pubs have won 2018 awards.

Watching the World Cup: To pub or not to pub

This week's Lazy Sunday column agonises over one of the great conundrums.

10 brilliant things heard in Canterbury pubs

The Canterbury Journal's Pub Spy had heard many a thing in the city's watering holes.

Germans invade city centre boozer

Fans watched their team take on Mexico in the World Cup.

Canterbury’s ugliest pubs

Historian Rory Kehoe explores some of the city famous postwar watering holes.

Remember the city pub which had a Pot Noodle machine?

The culinary sensation was popular with drinkers.

Business chief: City should be proud of its night time economy

City hosts its third annualĀ Evening and Night Time Economy Conference 2018.
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