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Blow-up over city MP’s baby MRSA claim blunder

Rosie Duffield urged to apologise after she wrongly claimed traces of MRSA had been found on six children in the Margate baby unit.

Duffield hits back in anti-Semitism row

Canterbury and Whitstable Labour MP accuses city Tories of "weak political point scoring" after they tabled a motion to council in support of her.

Rosie Duffield will talk “New Year, New Canterbury” later this month

The Labour MP will deliver a speech and then take questions from the audience.

Anti-Semitism has been allowed to fester in the Labour Party, says...

But Conservative Simon Cook is full of praise for Labour MP Rosie Duffield's stance against anti-Jewish bigotry.

Labour has “all the ideas on Brexit”, says candidate picked for...

Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield's chief of staff Charlotte Cornell reveals her thoughts on Brexit and other issues.

EXCLUSIVE: My hopes for the future of health in Canterbury

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield explains why the decision to award funding for a medical school is so full of promise.

Making wolf-whistling a crime is a waste of police time and...

University of Kent lecturer and social commentator Joanna Williams argues that women are strong enough to cope with slimy male advances.

Labour MP Rosie Duffield’s chief of staff close to standing for...

Charlotte Cornell is one step nearer to contesting the Deal and Dover constituency at the next general election.
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