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New medical school is “fantastic news”

Canterbury City Council has welcomed the announcement that Kent and Christ Church universities have secured funding for the project.

Council leader seeks to reassure residents in wake of poison attack

Canterbury City Council's Simon Cook says he has been repeatedly asked about safety following the poison incident in Salisbury.

Fines for littering on city streets poised to double

Councillors are being urged to send out a message that litter will not be tolerated.

Night shelter for Canterbury’s rough sleepers will extend into next week

City council and homeless charities pull out the stops to ensure rough sleepers have somewhere warm to go.

Tax rise is more than I would like, admits city council...

Ahead of Canterbury City Council's budget day, Simon Cook says frontline services are being protected despite financial constraints.

Howe Barracks’ vendors sold public short by up to £4.2 billion

The National Audit Office has put a figure on the value of 55,000 MoD homes had they remained in public ownership.
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