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It’s not a multi-storey we need, it’s better access to the...

Commuter Peter Styles argues that extra car parking spaces contradicts Canterbury City Council's aim to cut car use.

Monster pothole opens up on main road into Canterbury

One driver has described the crater as a "car killer" which could irreparably damage vehicles.

A toaster, bottles of urine and road signs among the rubbish...

Fed up villagers want the lay-bys properly looked after or closed off to vehicles.

Air quality activists kickstart “every breath we take” campaign

Campaign group Clean Air Canterbury wants the city and its residents to think seriously about reducing pollution.

Parking divides the city – as residents butt heads over yellow...

How proposals for yellow lines in a residential street have set neighbours in opposition to each other.

Pitted, pock-marked, profoundly unattractive – is this the worst road in...

There is barely any stretch of this road which doesn't have potholes or an uneven surface as roads chiefs are urged to act.

Russian winter is 100 times worse than ours – but the...

In his Lazy Sunday column, Alex Claridge reminisces about his year in the great Russian city of St Petersburg.

Mountfield Park is the worst planning decision Canterbury has ever taken

Ex-Lord Mayor Martin Vye on why the 4,000-home development to the south of Canterbury will be disaster for the whole city.
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