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VIDEO: Mind reader: I predicted World Cup winners – and the...

Ashley Green made his forecast four days into the month-long tournament.

Church choir: No Sunday service if England make the final

"Just because we miss church, doesn’t mean we won’t be praying..."

Shop holds “Waistcoat Wednesday” in support of Gareth Southgate’s men

Canterbury is preparing for England's biggest football match for 28 years.

We should seriously think about a big screen for future tournaments

Maybe not for this year's World Cup, but a screen in a public place is an idea worth considering, says Alex Claridge.

World Cup: Big screen for city if England make the final?

There have been calls for a big screen to be erected in a public park.

The World Cup: England and my unshakeable pessimism

Alex Claridge reveals his inner turmoil ahead of the encounter with Croatia.

Council postpones “big decisions” – so staff and cllrs can watch...

England face Croatia at the same time as the policy and resources committee was due to meet.

Watching the World Cup: To pub or not to pub

This week's Lazy Sunday column agonises over one of the great conundrums.

Canterbury man’s tweets about female football pundits spark fury

As England prepared to play Tunisia, David Benge shared his thoughts with Twitter followers.

Germans invade city centre boozer

Fans watched their team take on Mexico in the World Cup.
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