Will authorities finally solve the curse of Longmarket parking?

Cars parked in the Longmarket

For many months, the issue of cars parking in the pedestrianised Longmarket area of Canterbury has been a bugbear of residents.

The issue was raised by the Canterbury Journal’s Pub Spy back in May when he walked past and saw three vehicles parked there.

Canterbury City Council said it would contact the private landowner because parking there “shouldn’t be happening”.

Now it is preparing to go one step further.

It is proposing to make a formal change to parking restrictions as part of its annual parking review.

The authority says: “We propose to prohibit parking in Longmarket as cars should not be parked within the pedestrian zone.”

Spokesman Rob Davies added: “Longmarket is not covered by the city centre pedestrian zone restrictions as it is not part of the public highway in the same way as, say, Burgate or St George’s Street.

“Therefore, to combat illegal parking in Longmarket, which causes an obstruction and danger to pedestrians, we propose to prohibit parking at any time.

“Consultation has begun and comments must be submitted by 24 August.”


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