You’ll never guess where these cuties have set up home

Blue tits nesting in the cigarette bin

A family of blue tits have set up home in a cigarette bin.

Blossom Edwards, who lives in Lansdown Road, Canterbury, came across the astonishing sight as she went to work at her office on the Gillingham Business Park.

Staff at the office have now put up a sign warning smokers not to drop butts in the bin.

Blue tits have a reputation for nesting in unusual places.

Blossom says she and her colleagues believe the birds will be safe inside the bin.

Blue tits are nesting in this bin

The 40-year-old clinical psychologist said: “It’s super cute, although my colleagues had been worried about them getting out.

“I thought at least their parents can get in to make the nest, lay the eggs and feed them.

“Birds often have nests deep in trees that the fledglings get out of so am sure they will be fine.”

The months of May and June are by far the busiest times of the year for blue tits, who live across Europe and as far east as the western portion of the Russia and Turkey to the south-east.

At this time of year females have eggs to incubate. It takes around two weeks for the eggs to hatch.

The mother will then often sit with them to keep them warm while both parents will have to go out to find food.

Blue tits are voracious consumers of caterpillars and each chick can eat around 100 a day, meaning parents of a brood of 10 will have to find 1,000 a day.

By early June, the chicks are ready to come out into the world. Their parents will usually stand outside their nests and call them to come out. Over the course of June and July, the birds will then learn how to fend for themselves.


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