Asbestos dumped at riverside nature spot

Rubbish including asbestos has been dumped in undergrowth at Vauxhall Field

Roofing material including asbestos form the latest incidence of fly-tipping at Vauxhall Field in Canterbury.

The area has been repeatedly blighted by dumping – including the discovery a year ago of more than 100 fridges tipped in undergrowth.

Anti-litter campaigner Sian Pettman carries out regular cleans and checks of the area.

She said: “This huge pile of roofing materials is s right next to the river where local kids play and some of it has already been thrown into the river.”

Council spokesman Rob Davies said: “​This has been reported to us and investigated by our cleaning contractor Serco.

“Arrangements are being made for it to be cleared using a specialist asbestos company, UK Astra​.”


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