Council moving towards bringing bin collections and street cleaning in house

The city council is considering taking bin collections and street cleaning in house

Canterbury City Council is considering creating its own company in order to take full control of street cleaning and bin collection services.

If approved by councillors, the move will end the authority’s arrangement with contractor Serco and see it establish a Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo).

The council insists residents will not see changes to the way the bin collections work as staff, managers and vehicles will potentially all transfer over from Serco.

Council leader Simon Cook says a LATCo would allow the authority greater flexibility and the ability to respond more easily to issues which arise.

Serco’s present contract started in 2013 and comes to an end in January 2021. It has cost an annual amount of approximately £5.4 million.

Cllr Cook said: “We have been providing bin collections via contractor for more than 20 years now so if we decide to move to a trading company, it would be a huge change for us.

“With waste in particular, there are a number of changes to national legislation likely to be coming our way in the years ahead, so it’s vital we’re in the best possible position to deal with them.”

The proposal to create a LATCo will be discussed alongside other options including going through another tendering process to outsource the work to a private contractor. A final decision will be taken later in the year.

An initial report will be going to the council’s policy and resources committee on Wednesday, March 13. The meeting begins at 7pm in the Guildhall and is open to the public.


  1. You have to wonder why this is being put forward two months before the Council elections, and not at any time in the previous 4 years under this leadership. Could it be because they know Labour is committed to bringing the service (and others) back under Council control and they think its a good idea to nick the idea so they can (finally) look responsive to public concerns?.

  2. Whatever the reason, it’s about time: the current arrangement leaves Canterbury looking filthy and uncared for and relies heavily on volunteers to keep things under control. This can’t go on. It’s a disgrace to see Canterbury lagging behind other cities in its appearance . Does not show the council in a good light.

  3. I would like to know how much it would cost as compared with the current costs. Socialising essential services is not a good idea. I preferred the open tender when all would be allowed to compete.


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