If you have a flash car, does that mean you can park it anywhere?

A Ferrari and a McLaren sitting on yellow lines in the North Lane car park

Do you remember when Canterbury City Council chief executive Colin Carmichael got a parking ticket from one of his employees in his authority’s North Lane car park?

It was exactly three years ago on a warm and sunny April day that the Big C left his luxury saloon Jaguar on double yellow lines.

Unhappily for him, he was recognised and then photographed peeling off the £50 fixed penalty notice, which he quickly paid in order to get the 50% reduction.

A few people grumbled at the time that Col was acting as if the rules didn’t apply to him. I don’t buy that.

I reckon he did what a lot of us do at times: he chanced his arm. He knew full well that he could get a ticket, but gambled – and lost – that he wouldn’t for a brief trip to a business.

Colin Carmichael, CE of CCC

My last ticket was in the Station Road West car park when I popped into the Sainsbury’s to get milk.

I couldn’t have been gone more than four minutes, but returned to find an obese warden putting a ticket on my Fiesta.

Now look at the picture above. These guys knew exactly what they were doing.

They haven’t just taken a chance, they’ve parked their Ferrari and McLaren and toddled off somewhere – and to hell with any parking tickets.

In the past, you might have seen pictures of those entirely tasteful gold Rolls Royces or Maseratis parked illegally in the streets of Knightsbridge and Kensington.

Because people who own cars like that really don’t care. The yellow lines those cars are sitting in North Lane are there for a reason – but so what?

As they long it’s convenient for the owners, they’ll do what they like and stuff the rules.

As Jack Dee once said: when you see cars like these, half the time you want to compliment the owner.

The other half you simply want to flob on their vehicle.


  1. Dear Alex,

    After reading your article I’m not sure whether you think there are two sets of rules for people depending on the value of the car they drive, or you’re simply bitter you got a fine and they didn’t? Why should you not have gotten a fine if you left your car in a public car park without buying a ticket? Whether it was 4 minutes or 4hrs, you need to have a ticket displayed. Unless you too don’t believe the rules apply to you?
    So why should you be so aggrieved to the Parking Warden that you feel the need to use an irrelevant and clearly intentionally derogatory description of them? They were just doing their job.
    And I don’t think whether it was a Fiesta or a Ferrari would have had any effect on their decision. So this article simply comes across bitter and jealous, unless your mention to ‘flobing’ on the cars in the picture was a poor attempt at humour?
    I’m not condoning people parking on yellow lines, far from it. They should have a parking fine and I’m sure had a warden seen then they would have done their job. But I’d like to think they’d have the class to pay the penalty without feeling so aggrieved they need to resort to writing articles insulting traffic wardens and soiling other peoples property.

    Sincerely, D.

  2. Considering all that walking which I’m told is jolly good for you, there do seem to be a disproportionately large number of obese parking wardens. Interesting.


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