“Man in a van” latest council weapon in war on mess

Matab Ullah is the council's new "man in a van"

Canterbury City Council’s “man in a van” service is the authority’s newest weapon in the war on mess.

The vehicle is driven by enforcement officer Matab Ullah who responds to reports of fly-tipping and litter.

Previously, the council had not been able to carry out clean ups immediately, but had to arrange for them to be done by contractor Serco.

Now it can investigate dumped rubbish, take enforcement action and clear the mess at the same time.

Douglas Rattray, the council’s Head of Safer Neighbourhoods, said: “We’re very pleased this new addition to our enforcement work is up and running. You should see the van on the district’s streets regularly.”

Where rubbish is dumped on public land, the council can act immediately. It can take longer to deal with on private property.

In one case Mr Ullah went to a pile of black rubbish sacks dumped in a residential area.

He found out who they belonged to and gave the person a £400 fine.

Anyone can report fly-tipping via a dedicated page on the council’s website.


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