VIDEO: St George’s Underpass – the filth and the fury

Rubbish in the St George's Underpass

Pedestrians using one of the city most travelled underpasses are routinely finding it strewn with trash.

This morning almost the entire the length of the underground section of the subway was lined with rubbish, a large portion of it McDonald’s wrapping.

Also evident were drink containers and a punnet of raspberries which had trodden into the tarmac.

Retail worker Sophie Tupman, who walks through the subway, said: “It’s absolutely disgusting and quite unbelievable to see it like this.

“I know it’s people dropping the mess, but it shows that the cleaning officials need to get on top of getting the cleaning done.

“What visitors must make of it, I shudder to think.”

The lower part of St Dunstan’s Street was also covered in mess yesterday and bins along the bank of the Stour between the St Radigund’s car park and the coach park at Kingsmead are overflowing leaving mess in the undergrowth.

Canterbury City Council oversees environmental and cleanliness issues in the district.

Spokesman Rob Davies said: “We condemn the selfish and lazy individuals who are dropping this litter despite the many bins that are provided across the city.

“Much hard work and money goes into keeping the area tidy and no doubt the subway would not have looked like that for long before a Serco street cleaner came along and tackled it.
“It would, though, be nice to see greater criticism of the idiots who cause this mess rather than of the council for not picking it up within a few minutes of it happening.”

See the Canterbury Journal’s video of the underpass here:


  1. A lot of this disgusting litter comes from takeaways. Come on, Macdonalds, its got your name on it – get people out there to clean up, please

  2. Why do they have to its not them dropping the rubbish its those oxygen thieves who walk the earth feeling that they are not responsible for their own actions because someone else (business, local authority or government) will do it for them. Im all for more litter police. The sooner people realise that dropping litter is anti social the better.


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